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08 February 2009

Canopy Walk, Taman Negara, Malaysia

The Canopy walkway is the world’s longest 500 metres, strung up to 40 metres high above the forest floor. It is located at Malaysia's National Park in Pahang. It was built by the staff of the Department of Wildlife & National Parks. For safety, every inch of it is checked every morning. The ropes have a minimum snapping strength of 5 tons and the steel cables more than 10 tons. The trees are protected with wooden spacers fitted between the bark and the cables and ropes: no nails have been driven into the trees. Every measure has been taken to protect the health of the trees and the visitors.
Entering the hut, before the canopy walkway
Waiting in line, before ticket counter
Just about to enter the canopy walkway
Amel - shivering scared but determined
Apai - a walk in the park
Yameen - like a stroll
Dr Mama - doing it the second time
Long and high, but safe
Dr Mama - arriving at the end of the walkway
Arriving at the end of the walkway
After climbing down the path from the walkway
Walking down to the river
Not the canopy walkway, but the bridge to the river

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