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08 February 2009

Haji Ali Dargah, Mumbai

The Haji Ali Dargah is a mosque and dargah (tomb) located on an islet off the coast of Worli in Mumbai. Lying as it does in the heart of the city, the dargah is one of the most recognizable landmarks of Mumbai. Although it is a mosque and dargah, it is very popular among Hindus from Mumbai itself, other parts of Maharashtra and southern Gujarat. It is believed that praying at the dargah helps fulfill one's wishes.The Sunni Barelvi Movement of India Controls the Dargah and Masjid as is the case of most of the Masjids of Mumbai. The dargah was built in 1431 by a wealthy Muslim merchant and saint named Haji Ali who renounced all his worldly possessions before making a pilgrimage to Mecca. Legend has it that Haji Ali died on his way to Mecca and his body, in its casket, floated back to Mumbai. However, some believe that Haji Ali drowned at the place where the dargah stands today. As many as 40,000 pilgrims visit the shrine on Thursday and Fridays.
Dr Mala in front of the entrance to the dargah
It is located about 500 yards from shore
Ruslan, Me and Haji Jamil
Haji Rani and Dr Mala on the walkway to the dargah
(when high tide, the walkway is under water)
Me and Dr Mala at the base of the walkway
On the walkway
Haji Rani at the entrance to the dargah

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