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30 December 2008

Siem Reap, Cambodia

23rd to 27th December 2008
We flew on Air Asia to Siem Reap on the early morning of the 23rd of December 2008. After a no bumps, no turbulence and delicious Air Asia Nasi Lemak, we landed at Siem Reap International Airport. As we were the only aircraft that landed at the airport that beautiful morning, there was no hustle or any hassle at Immigration or Customs. We were greeted by our Tour Guide, Mr Bo Sopha (aka Mr Ith Thy; aka ET).
Here are the photos of the 5 days we were in Siem Reap!On arrival - 8:00 am (on time) - Siem Reap International Airport
The big sign board at the airport tarmac
The place made ready for everyone to pose for photographsThe whole group in front of Angkor Thom entrance The bus that took us around for the 4 daysLargest man made lake in CambodiaThe silk worm - at the Artisan Silk FarmReplicating the stanceSiem Reap killing fields - bones in the glass caseThe place to watch the sun sets - 2 km from the bottomThe sunset - worth climbing forSteep stairs - practically crawl up, harder to climb downView on the top is worth the climb upAmongst the thousands of visitors at the top of the temple ruinsSunset view - as worth as a background pictureThe ruins at the top of the templeEveryone is looking for a good spot to capture the sunsetWe made it down the temple ruins - harder than climbing upExcellent view from the path - on the way downHard selling - tired and uninterested customersGood buffet dinner - after the sunset climbSalina Hotel - a 3-star category B hotel (not bad)The entrance to Angkor Thom (the bigger temple)One of the most photographed entrance in the worldStone guards adorning the entrance to Angkor ThomThe guards against the Angkor Thom entrance backdropThis temple ruins being maintained by the JapaneseThis temple is quite picturesqueIt's got carved walls - hei ... cannot touch!Part of the nice looking temple ruinsEntrance to the ruins is US$20.00 for a 1 day passIt normally have 4 faces, facing all corners of the worldIt cost more for a 2 or 3-day pass - like US$40.00The banyan tree roots still growing over the ruinsMany of these roots growing on the ruins, eerie to someIt's like the roots are holding the stones togetherThis was where they shot Angelina Jolie in the movieAngelina Jolie in the movie Tomb Raider
The temple are made of many small walkways, but no roomsTree roots still growing on the ruin stones in the templeSome roots are longer - to reach waterUsed to be covered by deep jungle - after 900 yearsOne of the most photographed roots in the worldWe wouldn't want to miss the chance eitherThe pedestal for posing against the temple and rootsRoots roots everywhere - ruin stones underneathThe pond infront of Angkor Wat (smaller temple)The causeway to Angkor Wat (600 metres long)The splendour of Angkor Watt (marked - I wuz here)Is anybody listeing to the tour guide explaining historyThe causeway to Angkor Wat - where we photograph ourselvesBefore reaching Angkor Wat temple, we have taken 199 photosTrying to capture Angkor Wat's shadow in the front pondAngkor Wat Temple - built 900 years ago!One for the album - We have been there!Vietnamese water village - on the way to Tonle SapSelling vegetables to the people living on the river way and lakeCrocodile rearing - on the Tonle SapOne of 3 'halal food' in Siem Reap (Maharajah Indian Restaurant)Bargain and shop - leave the seller with disgruntled faceIf you can buy at 70% discount, you are good! She did!The Night Market - successfully bargain hard and leave a sour faceJerry & Irene - together on the tourJapanese Government JV maintained templeSunset from the top of the temple - a daily affair (provided no rain)Maybe it is a different sun - it is US$20.00 for the view

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