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10 February 2009

Outward Bound Malaysia, Lumut

Outward Bound Malaysia, Lumut, the oldest centre outside the United Kingdom is located in Lumut on the coast facing the tourist island of Pangkor. Six kilometers to the west is the island of Pangkor Laut, one of the 10 top beach resorts in the world. The geography of the centre is dominated by rising high ground to 30 metres from around a football ground sized lowland backshore resembling an amphitheatre. Accommodation for participants are in dormitories set around the slopes, from where one obtains a fabulous view of the sea below and island of Pangkor across. Since its inception in 1955, approximately 100,000 participants have undergone Outward Bound courses of various kinds. Since the mid 1990’s majority of participants have been from the corporate sector. We were "Irau Watch" - 'Course No : 332' - 'Encik Ahya Khairi' - 'July 1988'. I was awarded the 'Merit Award'!!!The 'Irau Watch' together with our 'Encik', on graduation
All ready to set sail to Pulau Sembilan
Rock climbing
Three point touch - to climb steep rocks
The 'Irau' watch
On the dingy - Pulau Sembilan bound
Arriving Pulau Sembilan - all 'drunk'
Enjoyed the sea life
After one of those hill hiking trips
Long wood, low barb wires, 8 person, take through
On the day we arrived at OBS
The Muhibbah Trio (Rajan, Choo Bee Leng and Me)

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