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02 February 2009

Lake Maninjau, Sumatra

Lake Maninjau (Danau Maninjau, Meninjau means Overlook or Observation ) is a caldera lake in West Sumatra, Indonesia. It is located 16 km to the west of Bukit Tinggi. Lake Maninjau has an area of 99.5 km², being approximately 16 km long and 7 km wide. The average depth is 105 m, with a maximum depth of 165 m. The natural outlet for excess water is the Antokan river, located on the west side of the lake. Since 1983 this water has been used to generate hydroelectric power for West Sumatra. Most of the people who live around Lake Maninjau are ethnically Minangkabau.
One of the most photograph building in Indonesia
The lake can be seen from the road at Kelok 39
At one of the view point stops
Calm waters, tourists normally paraglide here
We were only there for the day
Dr Mala and her sister, Linda
One for the album, with the new leather jacket (then)
The calm, serene Lake Maninjau
At one of the view point stops, before arriving at the lake
Another view of the lake from Kelok 39
Padi fields terraced from the mountain
A view to behold, throw everything else

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