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28 January 2009

Makam Sunan Ampel, Surabaya

Raden Rahmatullah (Sunan Ampel), Surabaya; built this oldest mosque in Indonesia in 1421; It have a special story with ‘Sunan Ampel’, one of ‘Wali Songo’ who have an effect in broad Islam in Java. Sunan Ampel Mausoleum is located in the building west of the Ampel Mosque. When its firstly built, This fairish mosque 45 m x 45 m with number of pillars which made from teak wooden 16 each fruits is length 17 m without extension. During that moment there are not heavy equipments yet and few number of men, how to do the Mosque building. Every day around two thousands paid a visit. The pilgrim arrival or the visitor will be greeted by the merchants who sell various supplies to pray and also souvenir like godly clothes, prayer beads, cowl, cap and perfume.
The sign board on the walls of the Mosque
The entrance to the Mosque and Mausoleum
Traders lined the walkway to the mosque
There are also many beggars along the way
Be careful of pickpockets and snatchers
Ang and Dr Mama in front of Mbah Soleh's tomb
(the man with 9 lives)
Water from the well is sacred and drinkable
A walk back from the mosque - Ang and Sujai Asmed
Endless stream of people going to the mosque
Sign in many languages for various races of visitors
Traders along the walkway
Amel among the drinking water storage

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