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30 January 2009

Pandai Sikek, Sumatra

Pandai Sikek, Sumatra - Nestled in a high valley between the two volcanic mountains of Merapi and Singgalang is the small village of Pandai Sikek, better known as the "Wood Carving Village." The village is south of Bukit Tinggi, the cultural center of the Minangkabau, and east of Padang, the capital of west Sumatra. The terraced rice fields, lush tropical vegetation, cool breezes and abundant water of the Anai Valley have made it an ideal spot for creativity and an inspiration for centuries of wood-carvers. Pandai" translates as "clever" and Sikek, according to one of several local traditions, is a contraction of Si Ikek, the name of a culture hero who introduced wood-carving in the area centuries ago.
Ponds in front of the house is a common sight
The morning mist and clouds made it a sight to behold
Transporting vegetables to the village centre
The pond is used for washing, bathing and vegetable growing
A 'songket' weaver at work
And they collectively spent more than Rupiah 2.0 million
(most probably she will take a week's vacation after this)
The valley protected by 2 scenic mountains
Even the roof is accessible
(Saqief, Me, Iwan & his daughter)
The mountains surrounding the village
Me & Saqief among the vegetable fields
Pointed edge roof - the Minangkabau way
Spend, spend, spend

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