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24 September 2014

Palembang, Indonesia

18th and 19th September 2014
The Mission : To bring home the 'maid'
As there were documentation problems with the maid; she did not bring back some important documents when she went back earlier : to purchase a piece of land; we have to bring those documents (employment contract, insurance coverage and copies of passports and working permits) to her, so that she would be able to get through Indonesian Immigration without any problems. As so I went to Palembang, stayed a nite and came back with her the next day (with new plance ticket for her).
Left home early morning of the 18th since this is the 1st time I am flying from KLIA2; took more time to make sure I will not miss the flight. Parked the car at the "Sama Sama Hotel" valet car park (costs RM20.00 per day), took the buggy to KLIA and proceeded to the ERL to take the train to KLIA2. The ticket costs RM2.00 for a one way trip. Arrived into KLIA by 5:10 am (which is a bit too early), nevertheless checked-in (without baggage) only ID verification with my Passport. Took the long long long walk to the departure lounge. Boarded and flew Air Asia to Palembang : which was 'on time' and took 1 hr 20 mins arriving safely into Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II; Palembang International Airport.
Took the cab to downtown Palembang; which is at the "Ampera Bridge or "Musi River" or "Pasar 16 Ilir" : costs IDR 80,000.00 since the hotel would not allow to check-in so early in the morning. After the brief visits to Ampera Bridge, Pasar 16 Ilir and walking down River Musi; had lunch at the waroengs on the Musi; and checked-in into "Emilia Hotel" (right nect to Palembang Indah Mall) by 1:00 pm. Took a bath, solat and slept. By the time I woke up, it was time to look see some stuff at Palembang Indah Mall and had dinner (sup buntut goreng).
Checked-out early the next morning (Friday 19th September 2014), took a cab to Bandara and met with the maid. Gave her all the necessary documents and checked-in for our flight home. We went through Indonesian Immigration without a hitch and took the flight home (which was on good time).
It was the day, the maid got a 'plane ride', 'train ride', 'buggy ride' and a 'car ride' home (all four in one day). We arrived home into Seksyen 9 Shah Alam Indah dan Permai safely by noon !!!

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