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30 January 2009

Rumah Gadang, Pagar Ruyung, Sumatra

Rumah Gadang, Pagar Ruyung, Batu Sangkar, Sumatra. There is a very big house that we can call Pagarruyung Palace. This Palace is a symbol of the successful and the glory of Pagarruyung Kingdom in the 13th century. But the palace which we can visit now was rebuilt in 1976. Actually there is no valid information when this big house firstly built. Usually Rumah Gadang has three small buildings in front of it. People call them ‘Rangkiang’. The name of each building are 1) Sitinjau Laut, 2) Sibayan-Bayan, and 3) Sitangka Lapa. Each building has different function but how ever the main function of it is to save the rice field. The philosophy of the Rangkiang is first: the rice saved in Sitinjau Laut is to serve the guests / visitors who come to the area. Second, to feed all family. The third, to eat in crisis.Magnificient BuildingThe group - infront of Rumah GadangThe floors are covered with rattan matsThe 'support buildings' outsideThe grand entrance - up the stairsSuperb interior designedWith the 'kings' uniformLook alike - the former sultanate gloryCarpets and wall covered beautifullyVery well maintained and cleanThe King and IHuge and long hallways

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  1. Things I want to do if I get there is to see jam gadang and eat chips Balado Y@.@