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28 January 2009

Taman Safari 2, Indonesia

Safari Park 2, Indonesia, Prigen, Pasuruan, East Java; is Indonesia's 2nd Safari Park. This is privately owned but supported by the government. Have a good selection of wild animals, birds and performing elephants too. Driving through the park, watching the animals in their natural habitat; at times you may also feed them. Their elephant show is not to be missed, seeing the elephant perform, paint and even peck a kiss on you as a reward! It is located in on the highway between Malang and Surabaya, 45 km from Malang or 1 hour by car.
The pack of animals that came to visit their cousins
Yon and Dr Mala, photographing the tiger from the van
So what do I care about anything
(I am being fed everyday, anyway)
Lions lazing on the road - no need to hunt
the 'other animals' - eating in the van
Curious, curious - there may be more food
While waiting to be fed, relax laa ...
Many species of birds
Tame enough to peck you on the arm
The trainers are well trained to handle the birds
Watching the fantastic elephant show
Shana - she got a thank you kiss from the elephant
Peck may peck, but no food there
Beautifully painted horsie
One more jug, one more jug ....
Colourful, beautiful and elegance
The superb elaphant show - worth every penny paid
Nearer to the giants, but be careful ...

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