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19 February 2015

Tanah Abang Market

Jakarta, Indonesia
Thursday 19th February 2015
After breakfast, took the 'bajaj' to Tanah Abang Market, did some shopping then came back in a taxi to the Hotel, before we proceeded back to Plaza Indonesia in the afternoon.Tanah Abang (English language : Brother Land or Red Land) is a sub district of Central Jakarta, Indonesia. The subdistrict hosts the biggest textile market in Southeast Asia, Tanah Abang Market. Tanah Abang subdistrict is also the location of Bung Karno Stadium (in Kelurahan Gelora) and the western half of the Sudirman Central Business District. Oil painting depicting the tomb of Heinrich Kuhl and Johan Coenraad van Hassel. The monument was designed by the painter / architect Antoine Payen (1792-1853). Kuhl (1796-1821) and Coenraad van Hasselt (1797-1823) were members of the Committee on Physics in the Netherlands Indies. The monument stands on the famous Tanah Abang cemetery of the former Batavia. Tanah Abang is also the name of two historic roads located in Kelurahan South Petojo, Gambir Subdistrict. One of this road, Tanah Abang 1 Road, is known as the location of a former Dutch Cemetery, now a museum called Museum Taman Prasasti. The cemetery is the burial place of Olivia Mariamne Fancourt, wife of Stamford Raffles.

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