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29 October 2016

Travelling From Haadyai to Shah Alam

Commuter and ETS : Haadyai to Shah Alam
Friday 28th October 2016
Checked-out of Grand Hatyai Hotel by 12:00 noon. Took the Tuk-Tuk to Haadyai Train Station (Hatyai Junction) to catch the Haadyai - Padang Besar Commuter scheduled to depart at 1:05 pm. paid BHT80.00 per head. Boarded the Commuter and chugged along to Padang Bezar / Padang Besar, which took about 40 minutes. Cleared through immigration and was welcomed by Pak Ku Hamid in Padang Besar : to take us for lunch.

Pak Ku Hamid took us to Arau, had mee soup and cendol pulut and then we headed to Arau Station to catch our ETS to KL Sentral. Boarded the ETS and departed from Arau Station right on time. But due to the derailment in Batu Gajah, we are expected to stop in Ipoh Station bussed to Kampar Station to continue our journey.

Reached Ipoh Station and was orderly managed by KTMB Staff to usher us into the buses : to take us to Kampar Station to continue our train journey. It was excellently taken care of and once we reached Kampar Station, we were showed our train (a Komuter train) to continue our journey to KL Sentral. Left Kampar without a hitch and after the fast ride, arrived into KL Sentral Station at 12:00 midnight; which was 2 hours beyond our arrival schedule. Considering the transfer by bus and and continuing journey by Commuter Train, it was commendable for KTMB to manage a crisis like this. Syabas to KTMB.

Picked by And, at KL Sentral Station and after a McD meal (as I was very hungry due to no food available on the Commuter Train), drove home to Shah Alam. Reached home safe and sound by 1:25 am. So the enjoyable ETS ride trip was all done to satisfaction. Alhamdullillaaaaah ...

And I will do it all over again ... inn syaa Allah ...

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